Review: Lives of Magic (Seven Wanderers Trilogy #1) by Lucy Leiderman

Lives of Magic (Seven Wanderers Trilogy #1) by Lucy Leiderman

Title: Lives of Magic
Series: Seven Wanderers Trilogy, Book 1
Author: Lucy Leiderman
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Date: January 4th, 2013 by Dundurn Press
Source: NetGalley
Seventeen-year-old Gwen is settling into her new home in Oregon and looking forward to senior year when she is kidnapped by Kian, who warns her that she is in terrible danger. An ancient war was fought between magical Celtic warriors and three evil magicians. Those magicians are alive and well and need Gwen’s magic to regain their power. If they succeed, they’ll be unstoppable. To save the world, Gwen must unlock the magic trapped in her memories of a past life in Britannia.

As Gwen starts to recover her lost memories and awakens to her power, she suffers the consequences of a divided soul. Gwen and Kian travel to New York and then to England to find others of her kind. Gwen, Garrison, Seth, and Moira need each other to solve the puzzle of their last days in ancient Britannia. They are only as strong as what they remember, but a troublesome history threatens to doom the world. One way or another, a deadly showdown is inevitable, ready or not …


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

On Gwen’s first day of a new high school she is kidnapped by a stranger called Kian. He claims she possesses magic and is in danger of three powerful magicians who have traveled forward in time to conquer the world, and they need her power if they are to accomplish it.

With help from Kian, Gwen sets out to find others like her, in hope that if they work together they can regain their memories and powers in time to prevent the magicians from succeeding with their plan.

Let me just start by saying “OMG, how gorgeous is the cover, please?” I absolutely love it, it’s so eye-catching and I love the colours, they remind me of Autumn time. I would definitely pick this up if I saw it on the shelf for the cover alone.

Lives of magic had me gripped from the start, i loved the writing style, it was so smooth it was easy to get carried away, i could happily of finished it in one sitting, although i didn’t as life always seems to get in the way.

Following Gwen on her journey was an enjoyable experience. I felt sympathetic toward her throughout a lot of the story. First she gets kidnapped, then she has to go in search of the others, all the while trying to regain her memories and control her powers. It must be hard going from thinking your a normal person to being magical the next. Poor Gwen, she handles it remarkably well though.

I loved Kian’s character! Although there were a few times i wanted to smack him sideways, unfortunately for you i can’t tell you why or it would spoil all the fun; I didn’t see it coming!! At first he’s remote and stone-like but soon warms up to Gwen and relaxes bit by bit. He’s smart, cute (in my head he’s a proper fittie) *YUM YUM* and does whatever he can to help the others. Totally a great main character.

Overall i really enjoyed reading ‘Lives of Magic’, at times i felt it was a tad slow but still a great read none the less!

4 Rating



Review: Luna Sanguis by Simon Okill

Luna Sanguis by Simon OkillTitle: Luna Sanguis

Series: Stand Alone

Author: Simon Okill

Genre: Paranormal

Expected Publication Date: July 15th, 2013


Paris 1925. A young woman is nearing her Eternal Vampire state as her birthday approaches. She is held captive by the hybrid vampire she created and slowly drained of her pure blood to keep his addiction in check. She outwits him and escapes to a chateau in the hope of reaching maturity. But he follows her unmistakable scent and massacres all that dare protect his supply of Eternal blood.

She awakens in a tiny room trapped and defenceless with amnesia, but something deep in her subconscious yearns to be set free by the next full moon – the date of her Eternal Birthday.

Her true self, Eternal, emerges in brief flashes of awareness to protect her from the horrors of this terrifying prison. Desperate, she forges an alliance with her true love, a gorgeous young doctor treating her.

But her nemesis is out there somewhere, relishing the hunt for her blood – and nothing will stop him from becoming Eternal.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**


Unfortunately, i only got up to 40% before i stopped reading. It wasn’t due to the fact i didn’t like the book; I just couldn’t understand it. I think the point i became confused was around 9% but gave it longer to see if things were explained, but everything just got more confusing.

I got confused a lot when ‘Delicate Rose’ was having flashbacks, i just couldn’t figure out what was when, how, where and why. Everything seemed to mush together. I understand that she is suffering from Amnesia and the flashbacks are her way of trying to piece everything together but i found it hard to differentiate between what was real and what she believed to be real.

1 Rating


Stacking the Shelves #2

Stacking the Shelves


photo (1)


Confessions of an Angry Girl (Confessions #1) by Louise Rozett

Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #1) by Laurell K. Hamilton

Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Daughter of Smoke and Bone #1) by Laini Taylor

The Naughty Girls’ Book Club by Sophie Hart

Shadow and Bone (Grisha #1) by Leigh Bardugo

Abandon (Abandon Trilogy #1) by Meg Cabot

Underworld (Abandon Trilogy #2) by Meg Cabot


Into the Night by Shannon Pearce



midnight enchantment  wake  Falling in Between

Midnight Enchantment (Dark Magick #4) by Anya Bast

Wake (Watersong #1) by Amanda Hocking

Falling in Between (Falling #1) by Devon Ashley


Intentional by MK Harkins  Confessions of an almost grilfriend  Shadow Embrace

Intentional by MK Harkins

Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend (Confessions #2) by Louise Rozett

Shadow Embraced (Haven #1) by Cheree Smith

That’s it for me this week!

What did you get? Leave me a link and i’ll stop by =)

Cover Reveal: Landlocked (Surface #2) by Tiffany Daune

landlocked-x500Title: Landlocked

Series: Surface, Book 2

Author: Tiffany Daune

Age Group: Young Adult

Genre: Paranormal

Expected Publication Date: Summer 2013

Cover Reveal Organised by: Xpresso Book Tours


As if staying focused in trigonometry wasn’t hard enough….Eerie visions are plaguing Theia’s mind, driving her insane. Someone or something is reaching out to her, dragging her into a dark underwater world. And, to add to her metal delirium, she has no control over her newly awakened Siren senses. She thinks she can hear her cat’s thoughts, she wants to pummel Sarah Collins, and she’s trying to keep it together so she doesn’t lose her scholarship. She needs someone who understands—someone bound to the ocean water she craves—she needs Luc. But contacting him is risky, and returning to the water a death sentence. She must find a way to harness her Siren senses even though the waves are calling to her. Denying her intended destiny may be the only way to stay alive.


About the Author

TiffanyTiffany Daune doesn’t get why people want to grow up or why anyone would ever stop eating candy. Her purse is filled with books, lip gloss and a few pieces of Lego bricks. She writes best with a dish of chocolate chips on hand and finds licorice makes a better straw than plastic.

She lives on an island and believes mermaids may be raiding her candy stash, though she hasn’t caught them, yet.

Surface is her first novel and pairs well with gummy sharks.

You can find Tiffany at: Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter

Cover Reveal: Jump Zone: Cleo Falls by Wylie Snow

Jump-Zone-2500x1563-Amazon-Smashwords-Kobo-Apple-1Title: Jump Zone: Cleo Falls

Series: Jump Zone, Book 1

Author: Wylie Snow

Age Group: New Adult

Genre: Dystopian Romance

Expected Release Date: September 9, 2013

Cover Reveal Organised by: Xpresso Book Tours


All Cleo wants, all she’s ever wanted, is the acceptance of her tribe and the love of her family… and she almost dies trying to earn it. But the man who saved her, who found beauty in her flaws and loved her without condition, has cruelly betrayed her, and she’s dying all over again.

Was it all lies? His words, his promises, his kisses? Lost in unfamiliar territory, Cleo will fight the forces that conspire to destroy her homeland, even if she has to do it alone.

Libra longs for freedom—from prison, from pretense, and from his birthright… but he’s caught in a political game where only greed and power can win, and Cleo Rush is the pawn. How much is he willing to sacrifice for liberty? His morals, his principles, the woman he loves? No matter which path he chooses, people will die, their blood on his hands. And it could be hers.

To save themselves and their world, Cleo and Libra must overcome the double tragedy that binds their families in hatred. Together, they might live. Apart, Cleo will fall.


About the Author

Almost every author says they wanted to write from a very early age.
Not me.
I wanted to be a detective like Nancy Drew, a witch like Sabrina, or a wildlife expert like Jim Fowler. I wanted to have my own island and make fantasies come true!
By high school, I wanted to be an archeologist complete with hat and whip, or a musician like (insert any 80’s hair band here). Finally, thanks to author Alex Hailey, I found my calling…
HOTELS! The glamour, the travel, the adventures I’d have!

I did go into the hospitality industry, but only got as far as a resort in Bermuda, then promptly lost my heart to an islander. Eventually I did travel, and scuba-dive, and dine with royalty, and meet movie stars and work with wildlife, and even used up 5 seconds of fame-quotient on a soap opera.

After 18 glorious years of sun, sand and the odd hurricane, I convinced my husband and children to journey back to my home in Canada, where we live happily with two neurotic cats and a whopping big heating bill.

You can find Wylie at: Website | Twitter | Facebook |

Cover Reveal: Hold Tight (Embrace #2) & New Cover: Embrace (Embrace #1) by Cherie Colyer

Hold Tight

Title: Hold Tight
Series: Embrace, Book 2
Author: Cherie Colyer
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Expected Release Date: August 20, 2013 by Omnific Publishing


Sixteen-year-old Madison Riley and her friends discover they aren’t the only supernatural beings in Gloucester, Massachusetts. These new creatures are more dangerous than ever, and this time Madison risks losing more than just her friends.


This is the new cover for Embrace (Embrace #1) to match Hold Tight.


Title: Embrace
Series: Embrace, Book 1
Author: Cherie Coyler
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: December 2012


Madison is familiar enough with change, and she hates everything about it. Change took her long-term boyfriend away from her. It caused one of her friends to suddenly hate her. It’s responsible for the death of a local along with a host of other mysterious happenings. But when Madison meets a hot new guy, she thinks her luck is about to improve. Madison is instantly drawn to the handsome and intriguing Isaac Addington. She quickly realizes he’s a guy harboring a secret, but she’s willing to risk the unknown to be with him. Her world really spins out of control, however, when her best friend becomes delusional, seeing things that aren’t there and desperately trying to escape their evil. When the doctors can’t find the answers, Madison seeks her own. Nothing can prepare her for what she is about to discover. Dangerous, intoxicating, and darkly romantic, Embrace is a thriller that will leave you spellbound.


About the Author

 photo CheriColyerpicture_zps62f28602.jpeg

Cherie Colyer writes young adult and middle grade novels. She loves finding new stories that keep her up late reading. While her favorite genre is realistic paranormal/fantasy, if the book is beautifully written with characters that come alive she’s all over it.

You can find Cherie at: Facebook | Twitter |

 photo AToMRToursC66a-A00aT03a-Z_mdm_zpsa3cc6896.jpg

Review: ACID by Emma Pass


Title: ACID
Series: None
Author: Emma Pass
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Dystopian
Publication Date: April 25, 2013
Buy Links: Amazon UK | Amazon US
Source: NetGalley


2113. In Jenna Strong’s world, ACID – the most brutal, controlling police force in history – rule supreme. No throwaway comment or muttered dissent goes unnoticed – or unpunished. And it was ACID agents who locked Jenna away for life, for a bloody crime she struggles to remember.

The only female inmate in a violent high-security prison, Jenna has learned to survive by any means necessary. And when a mysterious rebel group breaks her out, she must use her strength, speed and skill to stay one step ahead of ACID – and to uncover the truth about what really happened on that dark night two years ago.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**


Jenna Strong was sent to a high-security prison by ACID, the police force that rule the United Kingdom where she stay for two years before escaping. She has to do everything possible to stay away from ACID, from getting a new identity to going on the run. With help from a rebel group she manages to evade them long enough to establish a new life, unfortunately it doesn’t go according to plan…..

This book totally amazed me; Not that I didn’t expect it. ACID kept my attention throughout the entire book, to the point I didn’t want to put it down to do mundane things like cook or clean. You know it’s a good book when you start and finish it in the same day!!

The character building was well done. Jenna in all of her forms was amazing, i loved her character. She’s fearless, protective, smart and a total badass!!! Max was also a great character, totally not what I was expecting him to be (not that I didn’t think he’d be great) he was just different to how I thought he’d be.

It’s full of action, adventure, romance, excitement and thrilled me to the core!

Overall I completely loved this book!!!! Great work Emma =)

5 rating


Stacking the Shelves #1

Stacking the Shelves

Okay so I’ve finally decided to join in all the fun =D YAY!!!




Sweet Evil (Sweet Trilogy #1) by Wendy Higgins

The 5th Wave (Fifth Wave #1) by Rick Yancey

The Selection (Selection #1) by Kiera Cass

Level 2 (Memory Chronicles #1) by Lenore Appelhans

Lord’s Fall (Elder Races #5) by Thea Harrison


MILA 2.0  Pivot Point (Pivot Point #1) by Kasie West

MILA 2.0 (MILA 2.0 #1) by Debra Driza

Pivot Point (Pivot Point #1) by Kasie West



Good Enough to Share (Good Enough #1) by Zara Stoneley  Luna Sanguis by Simon Okill  To The Survivors by Philip G. Henley  Justice  ACID  Lives of Magic (Seven Wanderers Trilogy #1) by Lucy Leiderman  Branded (Sinners #1) by Abi Ketner

Good Enough to Share (Good Enough #1) by Zara Stoneley

Luna Sanguis by Simon Okill

To the Survivors by Philip G. Henley

Justice (Deck of Lies #1) by Jade Varden

ACID by Emma Pass

Lives of Magic by Lucy Leiderman

Branded (Sinners #1) by Abi Ketner

That’s it for this week! =) 

What did you guys get?

Review: Land of the Unaltered (Confederation Chronicles #1) by Leti Del Mar

Land of the Unaltered

Title: Land of the Unaltered
Series: Confederation Chronicles, Book 1
Author: Leti Del Mar
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Dystopian Romance
Publication Date: June 18th, 2013 by CreateSpace
Buy Links: Amazon UK | Amazon US
Source: Author


Rose comes from the capital of the confederation of Cities where it’s citizens live in luxury and the greatest fashion statement one can make is being Altered. People change everything about the way they look as often as they do their hairstyle but Rose is different. Her position of privilege has lead her to suspect something sinister is happening to the citizens and flees the capital along with her past in search of a fresh start far from home in the Land of the Unaltered.

Flynn hates everything the capital stands for and when a spoiled capital brat is assigned to work with him, he wants nothing better than for her to leave but Flynn was not prepared for someone like Rose. As she continues to surprise and outwit him, they begin to forge a bond that is tested when they discover a secret that could change everything about the world they know.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**


Rose lives in Civitas, the capital of the Confederation where she stands out like a sore thumb because everyone alters their appearnce, not Rose though; it also doesn’t help that everyone gives her a wide berth due to who her father is.

She escapes to the Land of the Unaltered to stay with her aunt Ivy in hopes of being able to live a normal life without people looking at her with fear. This is where she meets Flynn *Sighs*. When she starts her job she has to work with him and their relationship is strained as Flynn believes she’s just another stupid city brat, little does he know! After getting to know her better, his attitude changes, and they become close. Along the line they discover something that could make or break everything! Are they ready for what life has to throw at them or will they succumb to the challenge?

The story was very gripping and i couldn’t read it fast enough, i kept wanting to read the last few chapters when i was about half way through because i was eager to find out what happens (I didn’t though i swear).

I loved the bond shared between Flynn and Rose, at first even though he hates her and everything she reminds him of he still cannot stop how he feels when he looks at her. Almost from the beginning you could see a connection and i was so excited to see where it would lead. And oh boy; i wasn’t disappointed.

My favourite character was Meliah, she reminded me of myself in some ways! She is just awesome. i love her easy nature and how she doesn’t sugar coat anything, it just comes out how it is and that’s that.

The only thing that let it down for me was the typo errors, although there weren’t loads; it’s a pet hate of mine so i couldn’t let it slide.

Overall i really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to see what Leti has in store for us next.

4 Rating


Cover Reveal: Necessary Sacrifices (Internal Defense #2) by Zoe Cannon

Necessary Sacrifices CoverTitle: Necessary Sacrifices
Series: Internal Defense, Book 2
Author: Zoe Cannon
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Dystopian
Publication Date: July 15th, 2013
Buy Links: Amazon UK | Amazon US
Organised by: Xpresso Book Tours


A year and a half ago, Becca Dalcourt joined the resistance. Three months ago, she started working undercover inside Internal Defense. A year from now, she’ll probably be dead. She knows the odds. She’s seen how the life of a double agent ends.

All she wants is a chance to do something with what little time she has left. Something big. Something meaningful. But the resistance doesn’t  trust her, and her job transcribing torture sessions hasn’t given her anything but the names of dissidents whose lives, according to her resistance contact, aren’t worth saving.

So when she discovers a secret government program designed to brainwash dissidents into loyal citizens, she resolves to shut it down, no matter the cost. Even if her plan puts everyone she loves in danger. Even if the most experienced resistance fighters say it can’t be done. Even if it means betraying the only person who sees past the mask she wears every day.

Even if she has to do it alone.


About the Author


Zoe Cannon writes about the things that fascinate her: outsiders, societies no sane person would want to live in, questions with no easy answers, and the inner workings of the mind. If she couldn’t be a writer, she would probably be a psychologist, a penniless philosopher, or a hermit in a cave somewhere. While she’ll read anything that isn’t nailed down, she considers herself a YA reader and writer at heart. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and a giant teddy bear of a dog, and spends entirely too much time on the internet.

You can find Zoe at: Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter