Review: Sentinel (Sentinel Trilogy #1) by Joshua Winning

sentinelTitle: Sentinel
Series: Sentinel Trilogy, Book 1
Author: Joshua Winning
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Publication Date: May 1st, 2013
Buy Links: Amazon UK | Amazon US


Who are the Sentinels?

They’re everywhere, but you’ve never seen them. The Sentinels are the world’s best-kept secret, but that secret’s about to come out…Are you ready for it?

A dark fantasy series set in Cambridge, Sentinel is the first installment in the thrilling Sentinel Trilogy, which takes place in a world that everybody knows, but few would recognise. Who are the Sentinels? Who is the mysterious Godmother? And why is fifteen-year-old Nicholas Hallow able to sense things that others can’t?


**A copy was provided for review purposes**


Nicholas Hallow is fifteen years old when his parents are killed, leaving him confused and alone. Due to events Nicholas then goes to live with his Godmother, Jessica where he hopes to learn the truth. What are Sentinels and why do people keep saying that he’s special?

I have mixed feelings about this book. In the beginning I found it to be slow going but once i got further along, it picked up the pace.

The imagination used was great and really captured my attention. I loved the character building and felt i had really connected with Nicholas. Sam’s part in the story was well thought out, I enjoyed watching him try to get to the bottom of things; Even though he’s old he sure knows how to get things going.

I’m not quite sure what i expected with it being a fantasy novel. The magical aspect of things was vague and kept me questioning how it worked and what they were capable of, I would have liked more background on the Sentinels.

Overall i enjoyed reading ‘Sentinel’ and want to know what happens next. Only time will tell…

4 Rating



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