Review: Vortex (Return of the Effra #1) by Lindsey J. Parsons


Title: Vortex
Series: Return of the Effra, Book 1
Author: Lindsey J. Parsons
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Date: June 20, 2012 by AFS Publishing
Buy Links: Amazon UK | Amazon US
Source: Author


On a night when prophecies stir, an outraged dragon vents his anger, Damian is ripped from everything he knows and Sam’s nightmares become real…

Sam isn’t enjoying university life, she’s disillusioned with her course and having second thoughts about her future. It doesn’t help that she keeps having a scary, recurring nightmare and when she thinks things couldn’t get worse a creepy man follows her back to her room.

Damian is unique, he has silver eyes, horns and wings, he is also being visited by a ghost girl. She looks so sad and frightened he feels compelled to help her, but the night he reaches out to save her from a dragon’s fiery breath he gets ripped from his life, his world, from everything he knows.

Now it’s Damian who’s lost in an unfamiliar world that’s devoid of magic and full of strange monsters. His only connection with home is Sam who he recognises as the ghost girl. Sam has to put aside her fear and disbelief in Damian’s explanations about himself to try and help him find his way home.

But in a world without magic is this possible?


**A copy was provided for review purposes**


Vortex is set in two separate worlds; one in modern day England and the other in a magical world filled with mythical beings such as Demons, Magi, Dragons, Goblins, Elves and more…

Samantha White AKA Sam is a ordinary college student who is having nightmares. Of which she finds herself running into the same person on each occasion. When Sam is confronted by Damian in the real world everything changes.

Damian is a man with bat like wings three inch horns and piercing silver eyes *swoons*. When he finds himself pulled into another world unlike anything he’s ever seen he seeks out Sam, the ghost girl. Together they embark on a journey to try get him home, unknown to them of the dangers lying ahead.

Parsons has done a great job, her style of writing is amazing, there wasn’t a single dull moment in the whole book. It’s full of magic, romance and even has an awesome battle thrown in, what more could you ask for?

What I liked about Vortex is the way it was written. I felt like I got to know the characters in more depth because i got to see from both Sam’s and Damian’s point of view. At first I wasn’t impressed by Sam because of her reaction to Damian, it’s not his fault he asks lots of stupid questions because everything is new, cut him some slack, please? This soon changed though, as it progressed Sam found herself warming up to him and I began to like her.

Now Damian on the other hand is my favourite character of the book! I just LOVED him from the start. What a fantabulous character he is!!! His silly questions amused me to no end, I found myself chuckling away to myself on numerous occasions (earning funny looks from people around me might I add), so worth it though!!

Their food turned up then and they thanked the waitress. Damian sat staring at his plate for a few seconds.
Then, pointing at the egg, he asked, “What is this?”
“You asked for scrambled egg, that’s it.”
“Oh, that is interesting. I wondered why the eggs had different names; I assumed it referred to the type of egg. For what reason do they do that to it?”

What I didn’t like was the ending! How can it finish there? What a cliff-hanger!!! I wasn’t impressed at all! I was really enjoying it and couldn’t believe THAT happened! Grrrrr…. Now I’ve got to wait for Wicked Game to find out where it leads!

There’s so much more I want to add but will leave it there as I don’t want to spoil it!!!

Overall I absolutely loved this book!!!! Would highly recommend to fantasy and romance lovers! A MUST READ!

P.S. I think I’ve found myself a new book boyfriend; even if he is a demon!!! 😉

5 rating



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