Review: Luna Sanguis by Simon Okill

Luna Sanguis by Simon OkillTitle: Luna Sanguis

Series: Stand Alone

Author: Simon Okill

Genre: Paranormal

Expected Publication Date: July 15th, 2013


Paris 1925. A young woman is nearing her Eternal Vampire state as her birthday approaches. She is held captive by the hybrid vampire she created and slowly drained of her pure blood to keep his addiction in check. She outwits him and escapes to a chateau in the hope of reaching maturity. But he follows her unmistakable scent and massacres all that dare protect his supply of Eternal blood.

She awakens in a tiny room trapped and defenceless with amnesia, but something deep in her subconscious yearns to be set free by the next full moon – the date of her Eternal Birthday.

Her true self, Eternal, emerges in brief flashes of awareness to protect her from the horrors of this terrifying prison. Desperate, she forges an alliance with her true love, a gorgeous young doctor treating her.

But her nemesis is out there somewhere, relishing the hunt for her blood – and nothing will stop him from becoming Eternal.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**


Unfortunately, i only got up to 40% before i stopped reading. It wasn’t due to the fact i didn’t like the book; I just couldn’t understand it. I think the point i became confused was around 9% but gave it longer to see if things were explained, but everything just got more confusing.

I got confused a lot when ‘Delicate Rose’ was having flashbacks, i just couldn’t figure out what was when, how, where and why. Everything seemed to mush together. I understand that she is suffering from Amnesia and the flashbacks are her way of trying to piece everything together but i found it hard to differentiate between what was real and what she believed to be real.

1 Rating



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