Review: Into the Night by Shannon Pearce

Into the Night by Shannon PearceTitle: Into the Night

Series: Stand Alone

Author: Shannon Pearce

Genre: Paranormal

Release Date: March 21st, 2013 by Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN-10: 1622123379

ISBN-13: 978-1622123377


Vampires, she can handle. Werewolves…No problem! Demons? Nothing a little holy water can’t fix. Damien and his hunting partner? Well that’s a whole other story!

Misty West knows the rules, and has been taught them her whole life. When given a chance to escape, she takes it, knowing better than anyone that her past won’t stay buried forever.

After years of a so-called normal life, Misty is confronted by the news that her brother, Damien, is missing and that it’s up to her to find him. With the aid of Xavier Connor, her brother’s tall, dark, and handsome hunting partner, Misty is thrown deep into the supernatural underworld, fighting vampires, other hunters, and her desire for Xavier, all the while discovering things about her family that even she finds hard to believe.

Outgoing Damien West is a hunter born and bred with a knack for killing things. Emotionally scarred after a bad break up, Damien lives a life of big guns, loose women, and hard liquor. Equipped with the knowledge of generations, an arsenal of weapons, and his beloved Mustang, he spends his life on the road helping those who need it.

When a hunt goes bad, Damien finds himself captured, tortured and injected with a virus that threatens to turn him into the very thing he hunts. He must find a cure and stop the bad guy before all hell breaks loose. See what happens when this trio goes Into the Night.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**


Misty West is confronted by a stranger who claims her brother Damien has been taken captive and needs her help to save him. Misty finds him hard to believe as their seems to be flaws in his logic. Vampires? What….really? Misty finally agrees to help Xavier find her brother, after all what else can she do when her smart-ass brother needs saving?

They go on a mad journey filled with lot’s of action, fighting, arguing, blazing tempers, flirting, you name it. Misty and Xavier find themselves highly attracted to one another…that’s bad. Not only is Damien Xavier’s best friend and partner, he’d also kill him if he found out. How fun does this sound? *Grins*

The plot to this story was awesome, it’s usually the damsel in distress, so it’s a nice change for it to be one of the male leads that need saving from time to time; it doesn’t happen often enough! If someone has any suggestions of <—–, i’m all ears!

I think what i loved most was Misty’s determination and Xavier trying to keep her safe when she was clearly up shit creek either way. Their constant bickering amused me repeatedly, they were like an old married couple.

It became even more fun when Damien arrived on the scene! Watching Xavier and Damien together was like waiting for a ticking bomb to go off! They were constantly slating each other and even had a fight or two i wouldn’t have minded witnessing 😉 *Smacks lips*

Ryder was definitely my favourite character, although he wasn’t the lead, or one of… he made me smile and laugh the most! The image i have of him in my head is SMOKING EFF’IN HAWT!! He was so sweet, even though he was a complete bad-ass! Gotta love me some naughtiness!

I think what let it down for me was how quickly love was declared. I just can’t see it happening like that in reality so it puts me off, admittedly not much but still….

Overall a good read with lot’s of action-packed fun, hot guys and a kick-ass hunter. *HU-RAH*

4 Rating



2 thoughts on “Review: Into the Night by Shannon Pearce

  1. maravillaalpacas says:

    I LOVE Ryder too, he by far my favourite character. Shannon the author has actually got an online novel going with a new chapter published weekly. It’s called Ryders Story and it basiclly follows his life and adventures before he appears in ‘Into The Night’. It’s a really good read 😀 you can check it out at

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