Review: Seducing the Demon Huntress by Victoria Davies

Seducing the Demon HuntressTitle: Seducing the Demon Huntress

Series: Stand Alone

Author: Victoria Davies

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publication Date: June 3rd, 2013 by Carina Press

Source: Publisher via NetGalley


Trick or treat, survive until the night’s complete.

For most people Halloween is a night of candy, costumes and revelry but for Kerilyn, it’s the most dangerous night of the year. Hailing from a line of demon hunters, Kerilyn’s family has long been hated by the ruling lords of the Netherworld. On All Hallow’s Eve, the deadly brothers are released from their realm, along with their subjects, the spirits and the demons. Like every good hunter, Kerilyn fortifies her home with spells and tricks to keep her safe. But there is one man no spell can protect her heart from.

Arawn, Lord of the Spirits, has appeared at her fence every Halloween for years. While the handsome lord may turn her head with his heated looks and seductive words, Kerilyn knows without a doubt that should she ever invite him in, her life would be forfeit. But when his brother, the Lord of the Demons, kidnaps her niece, Kerilyn must leave her sanctuary. Now she has a choice. Can the man she’s dreamed of for years be trusted, or will the spirit lord help his brother destroy her?


**A copy was provided for review purposes**


Kerilyn is the last surviving member of her family, the rest having been killed by demons and spirits alike. Demons and Spirits are free to roam the earth for one night a year, Halloween; It is the most deadly night of the year.

For the past nine years Kerilyn has been visited by Arawn, Lord of the Spirits. Kerilyn knows he is deadly but still chooses to talk with him anyway, from the comfort of her protected lawn.

When Sarah, Kerilyn’s niece is kidnapped by Abaddon, Lord of the Demons and Arawn’s brother she is forced to leave the safety of her home in hopes of rescuing her. Kerilyn is forced to confront Arawn for the first time unprotected. Will he help her or will he side with his brother and choose to kill her?

I enjoyed reading this short story, as far as paranormal romances go this was a fun read.

I felt the characters were a bit vague and couldn’t really connect with them, Kerilyn and Arawn are drawn to each other, which goes against everything she has been taught and Abaddon hates her.

Overall it was a good read but lacked detail and was a tad short. I hope there will be more to this story as I’m curious to know how her decision pans out.

3 rating



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