Review: Remember This by Kenya Carlton

Remember This

Title: Remember This
Series: None
Author: Kenya Carlton
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2013 by Parker Publishing
Source: Author
Buy Links: Amazon UK | Amazon US


Ex-ballerina turned rehab designer Cece Newman competes in a reality show that could give her fledgling company the boost that it needs. Assigned a relic of a house in a renovation challenge, Cece soon becomes suspicious of the producer’s intentions. When she finds the house is one of many properties her ex-fiancé and baby daddy Brock Thorn owns, Cece is convinced that she is being set up for failure. Ready to drop the project and what’s left of her career, Cece has to find a way to ignore the handsome athlete while she navigates around his kooky family. Cece must also convince their daughter that mommy and daddy won’t be getting back together again, a job easier said than done—especially when the attraction between the two is hotter than ever.
The biggest hit Brock Thorn took on or off the field occurred when Cece Newman left him at the altar. Five years later, Brock is more determined than ever to get answers from his baby’s momma. Even in regards to joint custody of their daughter, Brock’s only form of contact with Cece is through her loving, protective sister Lily. Brock packs up his high profile life and digs his heels in at the crappy house he’s inherited—the very one Cece is set to renovate. As he dodges cameras and uninvited family members, Brock must get to the bottom of his failed romance with Cece—especially if he has any chance of getting back the life that was lost when Cece left.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**


Cece has to renovate a house for a tv show, a house that is owned by her ex-boyfriend, father of her baby, Brock. Cece is determined to get the job whilst dodging Brock and her attraction to him. There’s more going on behind the scene and Cece doesn’t like it. Brock wants her back and is willing to put the effort in at the same time as trying to go about his own business.

After reading the synopsis I was really looking forward to getting into this one, unfortunately I just couldn’t seem to connect with it. The story was different but in a good way, the writing just didn’t seem to connect for me.

At first I was confused as to who everyone was as the chapters kept jumping to different characters. Cece and Brock, Lily and Phoebe, Matty and Kitty, Uncle Court and Nikky, Gloria and Jan etc, I just felt as if too much was going on at once and couldn’t put my mind on anything in particular.

That being said I liked the plot and really liked Cece as a main character! She’s totally sassy and I loved her attitude. Brock was a hunk but didn’t really do anything for me which was disappointing as hell.

Overall it was an okay read for me but couldn’t really connect with the characters.

2 Rating



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