Review: Casting the Net (Volume #1) by Julie McDowall

imageTitle: Casting the Net

Series: Casting the Net, Volume 1

Author: Julie McDowall

Genre: Contemporary

Publication Date: July 3rd, 2013

Source: Author


Anyone who’s dabbled with internet dating has a story to tell, but few can tell them with as much wit and honesty as Julie McDowall.

Her online dating blog became an instant sensation on when she charted her bizarre and hilarious experiences in search of the perfect man. Or at least a man who wasn’t a total freak. Or, failing that, a freak who was freaky in the right ways…

Now for the first time CASTING THE NET – VOLUME 1 presents the unexpurgated true story of her ongoing quest for love, including all the material deemed unfit for a family newspaper. Join the eloquent and intrepid McDowall as she tackles The Janny, The Accountant, The Comedian, Foxy Doctor, the inimitable Shug — and her ultimate nemesis, The Clown.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**


Casting the Net follows a woman’s dating life. After breaking up with her boyfriend she’s left wanting a man and decides to try her hand at online dating. Out of the hundreds she can choose from she goes for the weird guys, not wanting anyone normal.

I had a laugh reading this book, reading all about dates with her online men was hilarious. There was definitely times I didn’t laugh but found myself laughing throughout most of it.

I can definitely say I won’t be online dating anytime soon, casting the net has put me off that path, I don’t know what I’d do but I admire Julie being able to write about her experiences and share them with us all.

I haven’t checked out Julie’s online dating blog but I have marked it as to do at some point, I look forward to seeing what she’s done.

Casting the Net was fun and definitely a good laugh, I would have liked to see more as the experiences were a good read and I felt it finished well too soon, but it’s only volume one.

3 rating


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