Life of a Blogger #1: Celebrity Crushes

Life of a Blogger

Life of a blogger is hosted by Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat where we share stuff about ourselves outside of blogging.

This one is so exciting! I’ve got so many but here’s two of each!

Male Crushes

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler is my main crush! I absolutely love him and would marry him at the drop of a hat! I love all his films and have seen them all many times, he’s just so hot and rugged looking! I picture him a lot when reading too :/

Gamer, Law Abiding Citizen, Olympus has Fallen, Coriolanus, The Bounty Hunter and The Ugly Truth are all amazing and he’s in every one of them!

Paul Walker

Yes I know Paul Walker is dead but I’ve crushed on him for years so he has to count. I remember when I was younger, I asked Santa for Paul for Christmas, I was heartbroken when he wasn’t under my tree, and I asked for him every year after that and still nothing. But seriously, he’s hot and I love love love cars so him being in the Fast and Furious’s OMG, Β and Running Scared, anyone seen that? It’s a bloody brilliant film! I just love him, enough said!!

Girl Crushes

PinkPink is my main girl crush, her music moves me so much, her voice is magical. Whenever I’m in a shitty mood I put my headphones on, put pink on full volume and chill out, she always makes me feel better. I went to see her I’m not dead tour a few years ago, earlier that day (bonfire night) I walked across a field and stood on a piece of wood, it had a nail sticking out and went straight through my foot. I love her that much not even that could stop me going (though I did get a tetanus shot).

im even contemplating a pin-up tattoo of her for my thigh, I’ve always wanted one but I think having her face on it would be awesome! Maybe with some lyrics surrounding it πŸ˜€

Kate BeckinsaleKate Beckinsale is my other girl crush, but only in the underworld movies. She’s just a badass and looks hot in leather (my other half believes I have a leathers fetish but I disagree). And guns…. she looks hot with guns and weapons of any kind too. She’s also got a beautiful smile and a natural beauty, she doesn’t have to try to be pretty, she just is.

Yeah, so that’s my celebrity crushes, who are yours? πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Life of a Blogger #1: Celebrity Crushes

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m kicking myself for forgetting about Pink! I left her off my list completely. She is one of my idols and their is just something so awesome about her. She seems like a total badass!

  2. Kelly says:

    I keep forgetting that Paul Walker was killed recently 😦

    Gerard Butler stole my heart in PS I Love You; I don’t care what he does in the future, he will always be Gerry and he will always incite tears for being so damn tragic.

  3. Jessi (Geo) (@NovelHeartbeat) says:

    Gerard Butler IS pretty awesome πŸ˜€
    Pink and Kate! Yesss. I love Pink; I like most of her music and I loooove her style and attitude. I always had a girl crush on Kate when I was in high school and the Underworld movies started coming out! I wish I looked that good in a leather bodysuit >.<

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