Stacking the Shelves #9

Stacking the Shelves

My haul this week (I went a bit nuts)…


The Mind's Eye

The Mind’s Eye (Synsk #1) by K. C. Finn


Inquest Project ELE The Key The Bionics Wind Warrior For Nothing Tethers Marked Smolder Burn Glamour Outcome The Tube Riders The Demon's Bargain Agent I1: Tristan Burden of Sisyphus Triton Letting Go

Inquest (Destroyer Trilogy #1) by DelSheree Gladden
Project ELE (ELE #1) by Rebecca Gober & Courtney Nuckels
The Key (True Reign #1) by Jennifer Anne Davis
The Bionics (Bionics #1) by Alicia Michaels
Wind Warrior (World Aflame #1) by Jon Messenger
For Nothing (Upstate New York Mafia Tale #1) by Nicholas Denmon
Tethers (Tethers Trilogy #1) by Jack Croxall
Marked (Hunter Awakened #1) by Felicity Hunt
Smolder (Dragon Souls #1) by Penelope Fletcher
Burn (Dragon Souls #2) by Penelope Fletcher
Glamour (Rae Wilder #1) by Penelope Fletcher
Outcome (Breakers #0.5) by Edward W. Robertson
The Tube Riders (Tube Riders #1) by Chris Ward
The Demon’s Bargain (Demons Unleashed Novella #1) by Lisa Alder
Agent I1: Tristan (D.I.R.E Agency #1) by Joni Hahn
Burden of Sisyphus (Brink of Distinction #1) by Jon Messenger
Triton by Dan Rix
Letting Go (Surrender Trilogy #1) by Maya Banks


Honest Sid

Honest Sid: Memoir of A Gambling Man by Ronald Probstein

That’s it for me this week. A big thank you to K. C. Finn and PubShelf 😀

What did you guys get?



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