Life of a Blogger #7: Camping

Life of a Blogger

Life of a blogger is hosted by Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat where we share stuff about ourselves outside of blogging.

Oh my god! I haven’t been camping in years. I absolutely loved it when I was younger. I was in no way a girly girl, I much preferred rolling round in the mud and kicking a football around a field to doing my hair and nails. Camping was no hardship on me whatsoever. I used to go with my family a lot. We had a caravan in Wales in a place I can’t spell, let alone pronounce which was pretty awesome. I mean it had a bed, how couldn’t it be? But I loved roughing it in a tent too.

I went to I45 a few years ago which is a big Gaming LAN where everyone takes their PCs and sets them up in a big hall and games all weekend. It was completely amazing and I really want to go again! Not until my little man gets older though. But yeah, I camped there Thursday through til Sunday and loved it. We did all have a lot to drink every night and didn’t get much sleep done though as the hall didn’t close at all, it what little sleep we did get was in a tent in a massive field reserved for us Geeks 😀

I think when Gideon (my son who’s one on March 13th, 4 DAYS) gets older I’ll take him on camping trips. He’d be well happy, and I’m sure we’d all love it 🙂

Have you been camping? Enjoy it? Hate it?



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