Life of a Blogger #9: Travel.

Life of a Blogger

Life of a blogger is hosted by Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat where we share stuff about ourselves outside of blogging.

I haven’t traveled much. But one day I plan to travel to all the places I really want to go, there’s a lot on my list too. When I was young, like 13 I had a map of the world on my bedroom wall and I’d stick red pins in all the places I want to go and green ones for the places I’ve been. As you can imagine the green pins were few and near enough a full box of red ones were used.

Where I’ve been
Disneyland Paris, France. What an awesome experience that was! Now I want to go to the big one in Florida.

Spain, I can’t remember what the place was called, something like Costa del Sol maybe?! I was 13 and got really bad sunburn 😦

Bad Fallingbostel, Germany: I was 15 when we went to Fally, but we didn’t go there for a holiday, we went there to live. My step dad is in the army and he was based over there so naturally we all went. It was fun, the week before my sixteenth birthday (you can drink alcohol at 16 in GER) so I only had to wait a few days and I could legally drink. I met some awesome people, went to sixth form, broke my hip in three places, my arm and shattered my wrist two months after moving there and that’s where that adventure ended, I packed up and moved home once I’d had my operations and recovery time.

Cork, Ireland: I love love love the Irish accent, it is by far my favourite one ever and it was fun being out and about as I’d just sit/stand there listening to them all talk. I went to visit a friend who worked at Blizzard (they made World of Warcraft/Diablo) and I got a tour of the Cork office! It was so amazing as I absolutely loved it, it was so geeky and right up my alley. They had playstation 3s, air hockey tables and everything in the break room, I mean how cool is that? I want to work there so bad, it’d be amazinngggggg!

Scotland and Wales. Scotland once and lots of places in Wales. We used to go for days out on the motorbikes (me on the back) when the weather was good. And we used to have a caravan in Llynamon Ynl lal or something like that (it’s hard to spell haha).

Where I want to go
Cairo, Egypt: I studied Egypt in school when I was 8 and I’ve been fascinated with it since, it’s at the top of my list.

Rome, Italy: I want to see the Colosseum, I know it’s old and shabby, and mostly gone but it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit.

America: I want to tour America, twice. On a motorbike (preferably a Kawasaki ZX6R) so I can get all the sights in and then again in a car so I can go on shopping sprees and load the car up.

Saigon, Vietnam: i want to go see the tunnels they made in the war, and just Saigon in general. I’ve been warned not to but I think I will anyway.

I can go on forever with all the places I want to visit but I’ll leave it there.

Where have you been? Where do you want to go?



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