Review: Second Chances by H. M. Ward & Stacey Mosteller

Second ChancesTitle: Second Chaces
Series: Stand Alone
Author: H. M. Ward & Stacey Mosteller
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: July 21, 2014 by H. M. Ward Press
Source: Author
Sex. Betrayal. Forbidden Love. Lawn Boy.

I’m not a catch, I’m not even certain I’m what they’d call ‘mentally stable,’ not anymore. Too much has happened too fast and it ripped my soul in half. I’m alone, with a plastic stick in my hand that says the one word we’d been so eager to see.


Lucky in love once is a miracle, but I lost him, and this baby is all I have left. My life turned to ash in a blink and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Years pass and I’m still here, but it doesn’t feel like it, not until the lawn guy, Daniel Clemment, checks me out. Me. A yoga-panting, pony tailing, frumpy-butt, frizzy mommy who’s covered in whatever the baby tossed on me at lunch.

Daniel’s dark eyes linger too long, as if he likes what he sees. I’m shocked and flattered, but he’s too young. The age gap between us is over a decade, but that doesn’t stop him. If I sleep with him everyone will think I’ve lost my mind. Maybe I have, because everyday that I see Dan’s sexy, toned body glistening in the sunlight, I consider feeling him pressed against me, naked. The few times his fingers grazed my skin were heaven, but once the clothes come off–he’s a god and I’m… me.

I’ve been alone for so long. Surely one kiss won’t hurt anything, one taste of his mouth should be harmless. Things don’t have to go that far, but I’m wrong.

Love only comes around once in a lifetime. Only fools think otherwise, and I’m the biggest fool of them all.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

Genevieve loses her husband on deployment only to find out she is pregnant. Sworn off love Gen decides to raise baby CJ on her own. Being a single mum is hard, so is fighting attraction, she can tell you that! Second Chances is a story about loss, heartbreak, difficult times, love lost & love found.

I enjoyed Second Chances, H.M Ward and Stacey are talented authors. They tell a story that is believable, Gen’s story probably happens a lot more than people think. I can’t imagine losing your husband on deployment. My dad was in the army and got deployed to Afghanistan along with other places, it was scary knowing he was in danger and could be hurt at any moment.

I felt sorry for Gen, losing her husband after finding out she was pregnant must have been horrific, my heart went out to her. She is strong though, instead of breaking down and asking people for help she soldiered on and brought up CJ on her own, definitely a strong-minded woman. I couldn’t put my finger on it but there was something about her that bugged me, maybe it was nothing but I just didn’t love her, she was okay, but nothing special.

Daniel the lawn boy is awesome! He’s so caring and thoughtful, he’s suffered some bad times but is still his own person when he could have just given in and done what was expected of him, I salute him. I loved how he was with CJ too, he’s only 22 but seems much older and of course he’s hot too ;). I couldn’t fault him at all, he was my favourite character in the book.

Second Chances had me crying after only a few pages, that’s hard to do. I usually don’t cry until I’ve been dragged into the story but it was almost instantly with this one, that’s how powerful the writing is. If you’re a fan of contemporary romance and don’t mind shedding a few tears you should read it.

4 Rating



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