Spotlight: Kathleen Lee; M/M Author of Dominating

Published June 30, 2015
Bestselling author Kathleen Lee brings you into the playroom filled with sexy fun in a short BDSM novella scene.
After a stressful day, Mark is looking for nothing more than the perfect, willing submissive to engage in a night of erotic play. But when he thinks he’s found his temporary fix, their scene is hotter than he anticipated, and he quickly realizes he might do anything to keep his new toy.

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Caught LookingCaught Looking
Published June 22, 2015
Jay’s whole life is baseball. As the star catcher on the Arizona Cactus team, he learned long ago to hide his sexual orientation from the other players and the public. But then an injury sets him back and the new athletic trainer has him questioning his silence. Liam has struck an emotional and physical chord within him, and suddenly a relationship doesn’t seem so impossible. Yet finding the courage to go after what he wants proves harder than he figured, and if he doesn’t make a play soon, he’s only going to be caught looking.

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Midnight MistletoeMidnight Mistletoe
Published November 21, 2014
When Peter finds himself caught in a speed trap in the same small Wyoming town where he was once a foster child, six weeks of community service feels like an eternity. Until he runs across an old friend who seems more than happy to see him, and the attraction is instantaneous. But can the magic of Christmas and a love he’d never known be enough to make him think about giving up his wandering ways?
Through the years, Kevin found himself wondering about Peter and where he wound up when he was pulled from their community into yet another “home.” But when they reconnect again, he discovers that in all his travels, Peter never had a real home. As Kevin’s feelings deepen, he knows the one thing he needs to do to keep Peter is show him that true happiness boils down to opening yourself to love. And a little mistletoe doesn’t hurt either.

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Stripping the PainStripping the Pain
Published March 5, 2014
Finding happiness is just as easy, and difficult, as letting go…

The only good thing Gabe ever had in his miserable life is Malcolm. Having met in college, they were dorm mates, friends, and now business partners in a marketing web design business. Except from day one, Gabe has had feelings for Malcolm that go way beyond the best friend line. Until one night a moment passes between them, and suddenly Malcolm starts seeing Gabe as more. But Malcolm is from an upper-class political family and Gabe grew up moving from one foster home to the next. Where Malcolm is light, Gabe lives in darkness. Pain is his only indicator that he’s still breathing. Yet Malcolm begins to strip away Gabe’s hurt, layer by layer, until the choice becomes his to accept happiness, or to stay with the path that has always kept his heart safe.

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The Trouble with TroubleThe Trouble with Trouble
Published July 23, 2013
When trouble strolls in, common sense walks out.

After a lifetime of rejection by those he loved, Gary returned to the one place that once made him happy and resigned himself to a life alone. Opening his bar–aptly named ‘Trouble’–was his way of building a future and reminding himself what he needed to stay away from. So when Trouble–AKA Brock–walks into his bar one night, he’s determined to keep his distance. No good could come from falling for Brock’s adorable smile and handsome face. Except Brock seems just as determined to win Gary over as Gary is to stay away. And when Gary realizes Brock may be the real deal, he must choose between protecting his heart or taking the ultimate chance on love.

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Male Seeking MaleMale Seeking Male
Published June 6, 2013
He was just looking for experience. What he got was an unexpected romance.

When Greg’s best friend places a personal ad on his behalf, he doesn’t know whether to be angry or grateful. Though bisexual, he’d only ever been with a woman. But when his sexy neighbor across the hall answers his ad claiming to offer the experience Greg seeks, Greg jumps at the chance.

Jack’s first sexual experience was a painful one, and he vowed to never hurt anyone the way he’d been hurt. So when Jack sees Greg’s ad, he knows he can give the man he’s secretly lusted after what he wants and leave him with fond memories.

But as things heat up in the bedroom, a trust builds in their hearts. Now they must see past their differences and future plans or lose a once in a lifetime love.

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Finding Him Box SetYou can also get Male Seeking Male, The Trouble with Trouble & Stripping the Pain in the Finding Him Box Set.

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About the Author
Kathleen Lee is the author of sweet and sexy M/M romance novellas. She is an Amazon Bestseller in Gay Romance and has several Indie eBooks releasing soon. When not taking her caffeine by I.V. (well, not really) or plotting world destruction (this she does do) she can be found at home reading or dreaming up new happily-ever-afters. She resides in the Midwest with her family.

You can find Kathleen here: Amazon | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter


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